Gouy IT Service is your partner in providing trustworthy IT solutions and services that increases productivity and profitability in your business.with well planned services we can deliver the peace of mind to stop worrying about technology and focus on what really matters. Our professional services gives you worry free IT consulting for your business.

Enjoy high levels of productivity

Maximize your return on IT investment

concentrate on your business

Secured systems

Experience peace of mind

Value for money

Managed services

Managed service is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. This can include outsourcing Production Support /maintenance activities. The person or organization who owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed is referred to as the offer-er, client, or customer. The person or organization that accepts and provides the managed service is regarded as the service provider. Typically, the offeree remains accountable for the functionality and performance of managed service and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility of the organization or system.

Few services that we provide are

  • Proactive monitoring of network devices
  • Workstation Management
  • Server Management
  • Storage management
  • Application support
  • IT security Management
  • Helpdesk services

Domain and Email Solutions

Domain Registration: 

Gouy IT domain registration provides tailored domain services to help meet your business objectives at a very affordable price .we promise you unmatched value for money .Gouy IT give you option to transfer and register the domain names. We offer 24/7 support we have no stone unturned to ensure a  class experience for our esteemed clients.

Email hosting:

Our trusted email hosting services enables you to use personalized official Email accounts to exhibit the proficiency of your business. Moreover personalized email accounts promote your brand every time you send out an email.
For small business owners Gouy IT offers business email hosting package while for corporates we have an enterprise email hosting package .our email hosting plan comes with unlimited email accounts that come with antivirus and anti spam protection.

Web hosting:

our web hosting plans are unarguably among the most trusted. We offer specialized services for all web hosting needs .our domain hosting services ensure optimal performance of your website irrespective of what platform it is built. We offer affordable web hosting services for personal websites,small business, as well as large enterprise portals.


When it comes to the technology you need to run ur business ,its hard to sense of all the options .Gouy IT combine IT and small business consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to your real business challenges.
We approach your solutions based on what your business needs are then find the technology to enable to reach your goals. It includes solution design,project planning,procurement,implementation,ongoing management and support.

Configuration services

Typically hardware setup/applications read information from external sources either to configure themselves or use the data for lookup later. This information could be present in different repositories, local or remote and in different formats, properties and so on. In the absence of a standard mechanism for reading this information, it administrators tend to implement this different ways .hence there is need for a standard mechanism to configure and lookup mechanism.

Network and system security

Network security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users choose or are assigned an ID and password or other authenticating information that allows them access to information and programs within their authority.

Network security covers a variety of computer networks, both public and private, that are used in everyday jobs conducting transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies and individuals. Networks can be private, such as within a company, and others which might be open to public access. Network security is involved in organizations, enterprises, and other types of institutions.

It does as its title explains: It secures the network, as well as protecting and overseeing operations being done. The most common and simple way of protecting a network resource is by assigning it a unique name and a corresponding password.

Web Designing

To Design a static website is a simple method when compared with dynamic website as the technology is quite simple to understand.Our static web designing services starts with understanding the clients requirement, analyzing and designing the appropriate lay out which translates your business logic into the desired application.

A website is considered to be successful when it is in par with the activities in your organization or business .A dynamic website solution will help you to keep your content updated by yourself when you require in order staying in touch with the audience with your latest services and products. At Gouy IT, we offer you a highly unique and flexible solution that can meet all your expectations.

Technology is not just a tool that can be used as and when you require. It is more of a phenomenon that is very fast sweeping this world like a wild fire and changing the way we humans work.